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Driver’s License Suspensions/Revocations

suspended license attorney

There are many different issues that may lead to the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. These issues include (but are not limited to): missing court (Failing to Appear), falling behind on your child support payments, causing a traffic accident when uninsured, and being pulled over for a DUI/DWI. Failing to take the required steps to reinstate your license may cause further problems, such as receiving a Driving While Suspended/Revoked.

Here at Sloan Law Office, LLC, I help clients through the process of reinstating their driver’s licenses. Some ways I do this include: negotiating with the child enforcement agency to put a stay (hold) on your child support suspension; retrieving compliance notices from courts in which you have a Failure to Appear suspension; and setting up a payment plan with the Department of Revenue for the payment of damages caused by uninsured car accidents.

DUI/DWI’s can lead to more long-term suspensions/revocations. Depending on the circumstances, an individual may even receive a 5-year or 10-year denial of their driver’s license due to the accumulation of DUI/DWI convictions. However, I can assist clients in obtaining a Limited Driving Privilege if they are eligible and I can even help reduce the level of SATOP (Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program) that the client was screened into.

Please contact us for a free consult to see how I can assist you in getting back on the road with a valid driver’s license.

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