If you are arrested for DWI in Missouri, your driver’s license will be confiscated and you will be issued a 15-day permit with instructions on how to apply for a hearing. If you refuse the breathalyzer, you have 30 days to file a petition for hearing in the county of your arrest to contest your suspension. If you blow, you have 15 days to request a hearing to contest your suspension. In either instance, if you do not timely request a hearing, your license will be automatically suspended between 30 days to one year, depending on whether you blew or refused and whether it’s your first time. 

A conviction for DWI will also lead to the suspension/revocation of your driver’s license due to the points assessed against your driver’s license. In some instances, you may even receive 5-year denial of your driver’s license (if you receive two DWI convictions within a 5 year period) or a 10-year denial of your driver’s license (if you receive three or more DWI convictions, regardless of the amount of time that has passed). Please refer to https://dor.mo.gov/drivers/dwiinfo.php for more information.