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How to Keep a Speeding Ticket Off Your Record in Kansas

How to Keep a Speeding Ticket Off Your Record in Kansas

It’s something that every driver dreads – getting pulled over for speeding. You are not alone if you’ve received a speeding ticket in Kansas. But, before you pay the ticket and accept the punishment, you should understand the consequences. The stakes are higher than you think. Getting your speeding ticket amended or dismissed may be possible, and the right attorney can provide the assistance you need. 

What Happens if You Get a Speeding Ticket in Kansas?

If you get pulled over for speeding on a Kansas roadway, you are unlikely to be let go with just a warning. Instead, the officer will probably ask to see your license and registration before issuing you a speeding ticket based on how fast you were going over the speed limit. 

While pulled over for speeding, an officer can give you tickets for additional violations, some more serious than others. The severity of your speed or your additional violations will determine how long your stop lasts. For example, if your speeding violation resulted in an accident, the officer will likely conduct a brief investigation into the accident. If the officer believes you are drunk driving, he will conduct a DUI investigation. However, if there are no other violations or the additional violations are also minor violations, you’ll be handed your tickets and sent on your way.

Kansas Speeding Ticket Consequences

Two of the major consequences of receiving a speeding ticket in Kansas are lost time and money. Most Kansas courts follow a fine schedule to determine how much you will owe. The fine schedule will vary from court to court. Additionally, going to court is rarely at a convenient time and you will likely need to take time off work or reschedule your other obligations. However, fines and lost time aren’t the only consequences of a speeding ticket. 

It’s important to understand that Kansas is not a “points system” state. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about your license and insurance. You should. If you pay the fine, you will be considered “guilty” of a moving violation in Kansas and your speeding ticket will be placed on your driving record. According to state law, you can have your license suspended if you receive three or more moving violations in a year. If you are the holder of a driver’s license from a different state, the moving violation will be reported to your state’s Department of Revenue and it will impact in accordance with that state’s laws. Even if your license doesn’t become suspended, you can expect your auto insurance premiums to increase substantially after a moving violation. 

What are Your Options if You Get a Kansas Speeding Ticket?

Your options for keeping a speeding ticket off your record depends on the court listed on your ticket. One option that’s available in some Kansas courts is a diversion. A diversion is a contract you enter into with the prosecuting office of the court. Upon the completion of the diversion terms, your ticket will be dismissed. The diversion terms typically consist of paying a diversion fee and court costs and not violating laws or ordinances, including traffic violations, during the period of diversion. The length of diversion usually ranges from 90 days to one year. 

Another option that’s available in some Kansas courts is an amendment. An amendment is where the prosecutor agrees to change your ticket to a non-moving violation for an increased fine. With speeding tickets and other moving violations, you are wanting the prosecutor to amend your ticket to a non-moving violation, such as illegal parking, so it doesn’t get reported to your driving record. Some Kansas courts will allow you to pay double the fine for an amendment at the court clerk’s window prior to your court date. 

With both diversions and amendments, the person wanting one of those options must be eligible. Some common things that make someone ineligible for a diversion or amendment on speeding tickets are going too many miles per hour over the speed limit, speeding in a school zone or construction zone, or having a CDL (commercial driver’s license). If ineligible, an attorney can sometimes negotiate an exception. If an exception won’t be granted, your options are limited to pleading guilty and paying the fine or taking your ticket to trial. 

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Kansas Traffic Ticket?

Kansas is unique in the fact that many courts allow individuals to apply for diversion or request an amendment without the assistance of legal counsel. If you feel comfortable navigating those options on your own, you can save money by not paying lawyer fees. However, many people choose to hire an attorney to assist with these matters because each court has different procedures, and it can be a headache to figure out what your available options are. Additionally, an attorney may be able to save you the hassle of coming to court. 

It’s important to remember that you are pleading guilty to the offense if you pay the fine and the traffic ticket will be placed on your driving record. Although this can be the cheapest option, it likely will cost you more in the long run through increased insurance premiums and potential driver’s license suspensions.  

Contact a Trusted Kansas Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you want to fight your speeding ticket in Kansas, our experienced traffic ticket attorney can help. Sloan Law Office, LLC, located in Independence, MO, represents clients throughout the Kansas City area facing the consequences of speeding violations. 

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