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Is It Worth Hiring an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident in Missouri?

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, more than 130,000 car accidents take place in Missouri each year. Some of these car accidents are very serious in nature.

The MSHP reports that almost 1,000 people are killed in Missouri car accidents on an annual basis. Nearly 50,000 people are injured in them.

If you’re ever involved in a car accident that involves fatalities or injuries, calling on a car accident attorney for help will be a no-brainer. But you might also want to think about hiring an attorney in the aftermath of a minor car accident. A personal injury lawyer will be able to provide you with the legal help you need.

Continue reading to find out why you should reach out to a Missouri lawyer for assistance following a minor car accident.

Benefits of Working With a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

At first glance, it may not appear as though a minor car accident did much damage to you or your car. But in the days, weeks, and even months to come, you might find that a minor car accident will take a bigger toll on you and your car than you may have realized.

In the event that you’re forced to deal with any medical bills or auto repair bills stemming from a minor car accident, a car accident attorney will be able to help you get your hands on the compensation you deserve. They can work to get you a fair settlement with your car insurance company or another driver’s car insurance company.

A car accident attorney will also be able to help you get compensation for any income you might lose as a direct result of a minor car accident. Additionally, they may even be able to secure you compensation for the “pain and suffering” experienced due to a minor car accident.

And the legal help that a car accident attorney can provide won’t stop there. Outside of doing everything we just mentioned, a lawyer can also protect you in the event that someone comes after you for compensation. They can also help you handle any traffic charges you may potentially face.

It’ll be nice knowing that you have a great personal injury lawyer in your corner to assist you with important legal matters after a car accident.

When to Contact a Lawyer Following a Minor Car Accident

Right after a car accident takes place, you’re going to have to scramble around to get a bunch of things done in a short period of time. It’ll be very important for you to respond to a car accident accordingly.

You’ll want to take these steps to ensure you’re able to put yourself in the best possible position to recover from a car accident:

  1. Call 911 to report your car accident
  2. Exchange car insurance information with other drivers involved in your accident
  3. Speak with the police who show up on the scene and provide a statement for a police report
  4. Take a trip to a hospital for a medical evaluation
  5. Contact your car insurance company to inform them of your accident

At some point during all this, you’ll also want to contact a Missouri lawyer to assist you. More specifically, you should make it a point to track down a car accident attorney who knows the ins and outs of personal injury laws.

In some cases, you may actually want to get in touch with a car accident attorney before speaking with your car insurance company. It’ll make sure you don’t say anything that could negatively impact your case later on.

Whatever you do, don’t think that just because you were only involved in a minor car accident you won’t need legal help. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to working with a car accident attorney.

What to Look For in a Car Accident Attorney

Hiring an attorney as soon as you can following a car accident would be a smart idea. But you shouldn’t bring just any car accident attorney on board to lend a hand with your case.

Instead, you should look high and low for a Missouri lawyer who is going to check all the right boxes. They should have certain qualities that will set them apart from other car accident attorneys in your area.

Here are several of the most important qualities you should look for in a car accident attorney:

  • They should have a wealth of experience when it comes to working on car accident cases
  • They should have a wonderful reputation among those in your community
  • They should have an office in a convenient location for you
  • They should have affordable prices for their legal services
  • They should have a calm and pleasant demeanor

There are almost 25,000 lawyers in Missouri, including many that will be able to assist you with a car accident case. Your job will be to discover as much as you can about those in your area so that you’re able to choose a car accident attorney you believe in.

Contact Us After a Car Accident for Legal Help

Were you recently involved in a minor car accident? Would you like to speak with a car accident attorney about it to see how you could benefit from getting legal help?

Attorney Taylor Sloan is a car accident lawyer who can assist you in the aftermath of a crash. You’ll be in good hands when you rely on him to provide you with legal advice as you move forward. It’ll make recovering from your crash a lot easier than it would otherwise be.

Touch base with our office to schedule a meeting with a car accident attorney.

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