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The Role of a Defense Lawyer in a Shoplifting Case

Understanding Missouri criminal law in shoplifting cases is essential if you’re facing charges in the state. If this happens, a criminal defense lawyer is your best bet to navigate the legal process correctly.

But what is the role of a defense lawyer in a shoplifting case, and what should you know about shoplifting under Missouri criminal law as you search for the right lawyer? Read more to find out everything to know about why a defense lawyer is crucial in shoplifting cases.

What Missouri Criminal Law Says About Shoplifting

Before getting into the role of a defense lawyer in a shoplifting case in Missouri, it’s essential to understand the repercussions of shoplifting charges in the state. In reality, Missouri doesn’t technically have any shoplifting-specific laws—however, don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet.

Shoplifting under Missouri law is considered under Missouri’s theft laws, meaning you can face various consequences. Penalties depend on the amount of the goods stolen, meaning that the higher the value of the items taken, the bigger trouble you’ll face.

Missouri criminal law places theft in three categories: theft of items below $150, between $150 and $750, and exceeding $750. Below is a more detailed breakdown of these categories.

  • For first-time theft under $150: First-time shoplifting offenders who take items under $150 are seen as having committed a minor crime and if found guilty, are charged with a Class D misdemeanor. A Class D misdemeanor is only applied if the individual has no other theft charges; if the individual has committed three or more related offenses in the previous ten years, they are charged as a Class E felon, which typically means jail time.
  • For theft between $150 and $750: Missouri has no specific guidelines for prosecuting theft between these amounts; however, stealing under Missouri statutes is considered a Class A misdemeanor. Unless other circumstances apply, people who steal goods in this price range will usually be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.
  • For theft exceeding $750: No matter whether you’re a first-time offender, anyone who steals goods exceeding $750 is charged under a Class D felony and will likely face jail time of up to seven years.

What Is the Role of a Defense Lawyer in a Shoplifting Case?

Defense lawyers serve numerous purposes for clients facing shoplifting charges, but why do you need a defense lawyer to help you understand Missouri criminal law and navigate your upcoming legal proceedings? Let’s explore the key role that these attorneys play in helping you dismiss these charges.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help Prove Your Claims

A criminal defense attorney can prove your claims and provide ample evidence that you intended to pay for the shoplifted items. This route is one of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of severe penalties and criminal charges, but without an experienced lawyer, the chances of proving this claim are minimal. Your defense lawyer should have a robust argument to sell your case to a judge and jury and ensure you come out as unscathed as possible.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Build a Defense

In many situations, a criminal defense attorney can get your shoplifting charges dropped entirely–and this is possible by building a robust defense that proves your stance. These lawyers are highly skilled and capable of taking on even the toughest cases and will surely create a defense that’s hard for a judge or jury to overlook.

Given that your defense is everything when determining whether you’ll be charged in a court of law, you need a skilled defense lawyer on your side.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help Reduce Any Penalties You Face

During your Missouri theft arraignment, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can negotiate the terms of your penalties to get you the most favorable outcome available. An experienced attorney can help you navigate discussions regarding your release conditions, bail amount, and any fines owed to the state.

Having an attorney to fight against harsh punishments can significantly benefit you and your case, ensuring that you come out on top and can handle any court-mandated repercussions. The bottom line is that even when it’s impossible to come out of court without any penalties, a skilled attorney can ensure that the outcome still lands in your favor.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Understands Missouri Criminal Law

Let’s face it. The law can be hard to digest, especially if you aren’t familiar with legal terms. Without a clear understanding of Missouri criminal law, you aren’t fit to handle your shoplifting case independently. This issue is where a criminal defense lawyer is perfectly suited to help you out.

Defense lawyers like the experts at Sloan Law Office understand the ins and outs of Missouri criminal law. We can easily navigate your case, eliminating the risk that you’ll overlook crucial components of the law that could sway your case in your direction. When you choose an attorney whose abilities you trust, you can approach your case with comfort and confidence in the outcome.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Has Your Best Interests at Heart

When you hire a defense lawyer you can trust, you know that, whatever happens, your best interests are always at the forefront of your case. A reliable criminal defense lawyer like the team at Sloan Law Office provides you with the utmost care and respect, working for a favorable outcome to ensure that you’re satisfied with your legal proceedings.

Choosing the right attorney means that you can navigate your case without all of the stress that typically accompanies these situations.

Sloan Law Office Can Help You Navigate Missouri Criminal Law

Understanding the legal realm without proper experience places you in a rocky position going into your legal proceedings. If you’re facing charges related to shoplifting, the attorneys at Sloan Law Office can help you.

Sloan Law Office is experienced in all things Missouri criminal law, providing robust criminal defense services to improve the chance you’ll come out of your case victorious. When you turn to Sloan Law Office, you can approach your court proceedings confidently with an attorney you can trust.

Time is everything in legal cases. Contact the team at Sloan Law Office today to schedule a legal consultation!

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